The (13) Tools You Absolutely Need For Your Classic Car

Classic cars are so much fun to collect and drive. Not only do they have loads of history, but their uniqueness makes any ride better. If you own or want to own a classic car, I am sure by now you have realized that they need a lot of maintenance. I mean, wouldn’t you be sore at first if you were old and running around at maximum speeds? We all know those who have classic cars usually don’t buy them to be kept in a barn. They buy them for car shows and for the simple joys of driving a collector. But collectors need extra TLC! Which is why we recommend keeping these tools in your classic car at all times.

Let’s dive in.

The (13) Tools You Absolutely Need For Your Classic Car

In the past, I’ve written a couple of articles on all the tools you need to have in your car shop at all times. If you want to start your own car shop, then you can check them all out here, here, and here. In the meantime, if you are just looking to find out what kind of tools your classic car needs, then let’s get to the list below.

Now, make sure you have gloves (oil can be messy) and a tool bag to keep these in!

Classic Car Tool List

  1. Screwdriver Set
  2. Pliers– This would include Needle Nose and ignition wire pliers.
  3. Sockets
  4. Wrench Set– This would include a open-end wrench, a 4 Way Wrench, and a Allen wrench.
  5. Drill
  6. Vise Grip
  7. Small Flash Light
  8. Tire Gauge
  9. Utility Knife
  10. Jumper Cables
  11. Fire Extinguisher
  12. Small Floor Jack
  13. Portable Air Compressor

I know it may seem like a lot of tools, but most of the items listed above are small. Organize them in your tool bag and store that in the trunk. There is nothing better than a Sunday drive in a beautiful classic car but beauty comes at a cost! Be prepared for anything to happen, and with these tools, you should be able to fix her up on the road.

Know your car, be prepared, and those worries will disappear 🙂 Happy driving!

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