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Changing A Wiper Blade: Click, Pull, Release It’s That Easy!

How often have you gone to a car supply shop to buy wiper blades? Actually, how often do you check your wiper blades? And, would you know how to replace a wiper blade if needed? If not, you’re in good hands because we just did a video demonstrating how to change a wiper blade! It’s a very easy task; no mechanic needed here. Just this video & a go get ’em attitude 🙂

Changing A Wiper Blade

Click, Pull, Release It’s That Easy!

All you need is a new pair of wiper blades (which we link below), this video, and your hands! How difficult can that be, right?!?

I mentioned in the video above how I was going to write an article on checking your wiper blades which will be coming out next week. So stay tuned for that!

Here are some little tips for checking & changing your wiper blades.

  1. Make sure you clean & wipe down your wiper blades when cleaning your car. This will allow you to clean off any debris, but also check them to make sure all is still ok.
  2. Never leave your wiper blade handle pointing away from your car without your wiper blade on. The metal piece that holds the blade could smash into your windshield & shatter the glass!
  3. If you’ve put your wiper blade on correctly, you’ll hear a nice “click” verifying it is secure & in place.
  4. Always refer to your owners manual if you don’t know the size of your blade!

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Wiper Blade Links

18″: https://amzn.to/2xA3XCb

20″: https://amzn.to/2DectNA

22″: https://amzn.to/2xyiGOl

26″: https://amzn.to/2DdCXyC

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