Caught Speeding? How To Safely Pull Over.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the police force has really stepped up recently. I see them EVERYWHERE! I am ALL for the police force and think they do an incredible job keeping this country safe. However, there is nothing I hate more than getting pulled over for a speeding ticket.

Yes.. it has happened more than once, and yes every time I’ve gotten pulled over I have been speeding. All my own fault. I try to follow the speed limit but…. I mean come on. Sometimes we just want to go fast 🙂 Am I RIGHT?!

So because of that, I thought I would share with you some tips for pulling over safe. Not only will this help you out, and maybe even get you out of that speeding ticket, but the police force will appreciate you taking notice of their safety.

It’s their life on the line the minute they get out of their vehicle! Just remember that.

Caught Speeding? How To Safely Pull Over.

I know we have all been taught in driving school what to do if we get pulled over. Blinker on, pull off on the side road, windows down, and pray he didn’t catch you going 100 mph in a 65.

But there’s more to it than just that. Here are my thoughts!

What To Do When You See Those Police Lights

  1. Slow Down (obviously)
  2. Blinkers On ( left/right depending on where you are going)
  3. Find A SAFE Side Road To Pull Over On (preferably public location)
  4. Stop The Car

What To Do Once You’re Pulled Over

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is In Park Position
  2. Turn BOTH Blinkers On
  3. Windows DOWN
  4. Music OFF
  5. Both Hands On The Steering Wheel
  6. Wait Until Cop Comes To Your Door

What To Do Once The Cop Has Pulled Up

  1. Do NOT Reach For Anything (until the cop has pulled up and you’ve asked them if it is ok to reach for your licenses)
  2. You WILL Need Licenses & Registration (it’s a good thing to keep these updated..)
  3. Hands BACK On Steering Wheel (once you’ve given them the proper paperwork)
  4. Answer Politely (DO NOT ARGUE)
  5. Wait & Hear Them Out
  6. Do NOT Fiddle (keep still, you don’t want to provoke them into thinking you have a weapon)

What T0 Do Once You’ve Gotten The Ticket

  1. Again, Be Polite (it sucks… but you kinda deserved it…)
  2. Apologize & Ask The Cop If There Is Anything You Can Do (you might be able to stop that ticket from coming)
  3. Wait Until The Cop Is BACK In Their Car (before rolling your windows up, reaching for items, and driving off)
  4. Check For Oncoming Traffic
  5. Drive Away Slowly (don’t pedal to the metal just because you are mad)
  6. Maybe slow down…. or don’t get caught again 😉

Now, some people, once they’ve pulled over, will turn their vehicle off. This is fine and shows respect, however, make sure you are in a safe area. I would NOT recommend that if you are on a busy highway or deserted street.

Speaking of deserted streets, you should only pull over in a public location. If you are driving on a deserted street and see cop lights, keep going until you find a gas station or public area. You can call 911 ahead of time and explain that you are being followed by a cop car but will not pull over until you feel safe. There are fake cops out there. If you feel like you are being followed by a fake cop, call it in. If you think it might be a real cop but are stranded, call it in and wait until you are in a public location.

Following these steps will help keep YOU safe and COPS safe. We hear all these horrible stories of people ganging up on the police force. I won’t get into politics, but cops are there to keep you safe. If they feel threatened, they have every right to do something about it.

Don’t make them feel threaten. Pull over safely and I bet that speeding ticket will be written down:) Stay safe and try to go the speed limit!

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  1. I am looking for this info that how can I safely pull over my car. Your in details step by step information will make my work easier than before.

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