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Cara Adams Keeps Rocking & Rolling!

You should all be familiar with Bridgestone racing chief engineer Cara Adams by now. Not only is she the chef Firestone tire engineer in the Verizon IndyCar series, but she was also interviewed on ChicMoto about a year ago! (you can check out our interview with her by clicking this link)

At the time, during our interview, Cara was the senior project engineer of race tire development for Firestone Racing. What has she accomplished in a year? Well, Cara is now the chief tire engineer for Bridgestone Americas Motorsports.

Talk about hard work & determination

In an interview Cara Adams had with AutoWeek, she mentioned how her job has shifted a little since she moved to chief tire engineer. “My focus has shifted from just the Indy 500 and ovals to helping everybody else with tire designs, to overseeing the department with various engineers, chemical engineers, and technicians.”

No matter the shift, we all know Cara will continue working hard to create a better racing tire for everyone.

Oh, and by the way. When asked about car care during our interview, Cara said everyone should know “how to check your tires, especially when it comes to proper inflation pressures, tread wear, etc. The only thing holding you to the road are your four tires.”

Couldn’t agree more! We are so happy Cara Adams is still kicking butt out there. Best of luck & happy race season!

If you want to learn how to take care of your tires, ChicMoto has the articles for you! Head over to the website and search “tires” or simply start with these two.

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