Car Fuses 101: What They Are & Where To Find Them

Cars run on gas but also electricity. If you’ve ever had a “technical” issue with your car either electrical or wiring, you’ll want to check your fuse box before handing it off to a mechanic. Why? Well, because odds are a tiny fuse blew in which case you can easily replace and save yourself time & money!

Car Fuses 101: What They Are & Where To Find Them

Cars today have tons of fuses (like, 40+) grouped together in a fuse panel (normally 2 of them in a car). They are located in & around the instrument panel in dash, under the hood, or under the rear seat. It’ll look like a little box (almost like a battery box) but when you open it, you’ll see a bunch of robotic looking fuses.

All these fuses control different things in your car like… radio, cooling fans, anti-lock brake, engine control unit, lights, electronic seats, etc. Similar to your house fuse box, if a fuse blows in your car, it’ll stop working. You just need to find which one blew and replace it! They cost about $1 a piece, so much less expensive compared to having your mechanic change it out.

You can test a fuse by either looking to see if the “connection” has broken; just like a light bulb. Or, you can literally test the fuse with a fuse tester to see if it still has power. Each fuse is categorized in your Owner’s Manual so you’ll definitely want to bring that out. To take out and replace a fuse, first go buy a new fuse. Then, grab pliers or a fuse puller and gently pull the old fuse out and replace with a new fuse.

Here’s what the fuses look like and your fuse box:

A little robotic, but once you read your Owner’s Manual you’ll know what each fuse does so you can swap out if it blows! A very easy, cheap fix you can do yourself:)



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  1. Which fuse turns the anti-theft on a 2005 Ford F150? It keeps draining the battery & locks the system up.

    1. Post

      Hi Donna,

      I would definitely check your owner’s manual or even Google for this one! I don’t have all fuses in every car memorized so can’t tell you which one, if it’s a fuse, would need to be fixed.

      Thanks for reaching out though!

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