1,500 HP Bugatti… Oh My!

Ok, I don’t do this often but I just had to share a couple articles I found online with you all! Bugatti just came out with a 1,500 Horsepower Bugatti Chiron.

1,500 HP folks….. this is INSANE!

**if any of you own one or are planning on purchasing one, please give me a test ride 😉 **

1,500 HP Bugatti… Oh, My!

Picture From Motor Trend

I found this article off Motor Trend (great site for car stuff by the way!) and after glancing at the pictures, I knew you all would be interested. It starts off talking about fuel efficiency, but I mean, come on we are NOT interested in fuel efficiency on a SPORTS CAR!

Say what you want to say, but I do not mind at all if I can only go about 100 miles because I have a 9-gallon fuel tank on a car producing 1500 HP (oh, wait I meant 9.1-gallon fuel tank)… No, definitely not complaining.

The only thing I might be complaining about is that massive $$$ sign attached to this car. $2.5 million. Yeah, that’s going to hold me back a little but hey, this car isn’t for everyone!

Since I have not been able to test drive one of these beauties (yet), I have no pictures myself. But if you want to see this glorious piece of machinery, head over to Motor Trends website by clicking this link and this link.

Pictures From Motor Trend

Did I mention it goes over 261 mph thanks to the help of Michelin tires allowing almost 3,700 lbs of torque 🙂 🙂 Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me account….

Pictures From Motor Trend

Do you all like the HP or not at all?!? Comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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