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Best Car Products For Your Money

Your car works hard for you every day, so why not reward your beauty with great gear. These car products, in my opinion, are worth every penny because they not only will save you money in the long run, but will work hard for you and your vehicle. Style your car like you do yourself!

The Best 8 Car Products For Your Money

WeatherTech Floor Mats

These trim-to-fit floor mats are definitely a good car product to have. Not only are they guaranteed for 3 years, but hold their value so well. Never again will you have to worry about dirty carpets after installing WeatherTech floor mats. They will protect your interior from coffee spills, bread crumbs, melted snow, and so much more. Easy to care for, WeatherTech floor mats can be found on Amazon, or directly from their website. There are multiple mats you can choose from, starting at $59.99. WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit Front and Rear AVM (Black)

Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle

Invisible Glass is such a great glass cleaner for your interior and exterior windows. Plus it can clean your indoor counter surfaces and glass showers! This cleaning bundle comes with Invisible Glass Wipes, Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent Pump Spray, Invisible Glass Aerosol, the very handy Invisible Glass Reach & Clean tool, and a microfiber waffle weave glass towel. Say goodbye to annoying streaks, and hello to pure visibility. If the cleaning kit is too much, check out the individual car products of Invisible Glass Aerosols and Invisible Glass Rain Repellent, also sold on Amazon. Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle

Cotton Bath and Hand Towels

You are probably wondering why cotton bath and hand towels are listed. But trust me, they definitely fall under the car product category. The rage right now is microfiber clothes to clean your entire vehicle. That is 100% wrong in my opinion. Cleaning the interior of your car, wheels, and windows with a microfiber cloth is fine. Do not clean the exterior of you car with them. Microfiber clothes pick up a lot of dust and grime that can easily scratch your exterior paint surface! My dad always taught me to wash and wax my car with cotton hand clothes, and dry with cotton bath towels. Maybe that’s why my 2002 Audi TT still looks great! You can use any cotton bath/hand towel from home, or this set from Amazon. Great Cotton Towel Set

Portable Tire Air Compressor

A proper tire air compressor is hard to find, but thanks to Amazon I have found a perfect one all drivers should have. You should check your tire PSI at least twice a month to avoid any difficulties. No one wants to deal with a popped tire in the middle of a snow storm! Knowing the proper PSI in each tire, and checking it at least twice a month will prevent future damages. I love this portable ViAir air compressor from Amazon. Viair Portable Air Compressor

Proper Wiper Blades

Seems like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of cheap wiper blades out there that will break within the first couple uses. Be wise and purchase a proper wiper blade, like this one from Invisible Glass. You might be spending more money upfront, but in the long run, your pockets will thank you. Wiper blades should be checked and changed after 3-4 oil changes, depending on weather conditions. If you live in snowy conditions, the wear and tear from salt and snow are much worse, so checking these more often will help visibility. Wiper blades are one of the most important assets to a car, because without them, driving in bad weather would be impossible. So save yourself, and your pockets, and invest in some Invisible Glass Wiper Blades.

3M Rubbing Compound

This might sound like a pointless car product at first, but let me tell you it is worth it! The 3M Rubbing Compound has saved my car from a lot of scratches. And if you are a car lover like me, scratches are your biggest pet peeve, and they seem almost impossible to avoid. Luckily for you, the 3M Rubbing Compound can help with any pesky scratch! Just add a little drop directly to the scratch, rub the surface in circles with a towel, remove, re-wax the area and viola! Scratches disappear instantly. This car product is priced for $7.94 on Amazon. 3M Rubbing Compound

First Aid Kit

A lot of people forget about the importance of having a first aid kit in their vehicle, but we all know how useful they are. Just do yourself a favor and keep one in your trunk. I would search Amazon for a car first aid kit because they have quite a few, but here is one I have in my car. AAA 121-Piece Road Trip First Aid Kit

Battery and System Tester

I know this seems like a bigger purchase, but during the cold months your battery takes on a lot of stress. Having a battery and system tester around will help you determine if your battery is powerful enough to take on the winter storms. Plus, if your car does not start, checking the battery and system can lead you to the solution. Changing your battery is simple, and they are pretty cheap to purchase, but knowing what is wrong, when it goes wrong, is what a battery and system tester is for. Here is another great car product from Amazon. SOLAR Digital Battery and System Tester

Using proper equipment for your car is worth the time and money. Think about how many car appointments you could skip if you had a couple of the items above in your trunk. You can never be too safe on the road, and trust me when I say it is worth knowing the solution before a problem happens.

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