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April Is Car Care Month! Featuring Tire Finish By Stoner Inc.

Happy Friday! Don’t forget, April is Car Care Month and we are featuring our favorite products on the blog for you, weekly, during the month of April 🙂

Last week, we talked about The Rubbing Compound from 3M and how magical the product is. It helps get rid of surface scratches and water marks, so if that sounds like something you need, click this link for more information.

This week, we wanted to share with you one of our FAVORITE car care products from Stoner Inc.

Let us introduce to you Tire Finish Long Lasting Tire Coating.

April Is Car Care Month! Featuring Tire Finish By Stoner Inc.

So, by now you all know I am a huge fan of Stoner Inc products. We have talked about many of their great products, like Invisible Glass, Trim Shine, Reach & Clean Tool,  right here on the blog. In fact, I discussed 7 of the best car detailing products from Stoner Inc a little while back, which also featured Tire Finish.

What is Tire Finish?

Tire Finish is a long lasting tire coating spray that allows you to spray the product straight onto your tires and walk away. No need to wipe on and off! It gives your tires a beautifully shiny finish, which is the perfect final touch you need to make your car perfect.

If you want that showroom look, then you need Tire Finish. If you want a perfect gloss that lasts longer ( because it contains NO water or soaps to evaporate), then YOU NEED TIRE FINISH 😉 Catch my drift.

Just check out these before and after pictures if you don’t believe me.

BEFORE Using More Shine (YUCK!)

more shine

AFTER Using More Shine (OHHHHH..AHHHH)

more shine

What do you think? If you follow ChicMoto on Instagram, we’ve shared a little video showing Tire Shine in action. So, if you don’t follow us, go click the link above and check it out!

Happy Car Care Month 🙂

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