4 Car Problems To Watch For This Summer

The Summer gets hot, hot, hot! We all know how difficult this heat is on your house, pets, self; but did you realize it can also be bad for your vehicle?!? Any extreme weather, either hot or cold, can do damage to your vehicle. However, you can stay ahead of the damage by staying alert & taking care of your car.

Below, we’ll talk about 4 of the most common problems to watch out for this Summer. Road trips are what Summer is all about, so don’t let your car stop you from traveling!

4 Car Problems To Watch For This Summer

1.  Air Conditioning

We dedicated a whole article to A/C issues. There is nothing worse than getting in your hot, hot car and not having A/C. I feel like windows down or up you’ll still be sweating! Your A/C will warn you when it’s about to hit the fan, which is what our article called 6 Signs Your AC Needs To Be Fixed is all about!

2. Vehicle Overheating

Probably the second most common problem in the Summer is your car overheating. It is very common in older vehicles because your fan or A/C just isn’t strong enough. You’ll notice it a lot idling so if you do a lot of city traveling in stop and go traffic, make sure you check your A/C, fans, and coolant system to help prevent overheating!  If you do overheat, make sure you head over to our article called What To Do If YOU Overheat to find a solution!

3. Seats & Interior Fading

This is a big one and why it’s important to keep a sun visor on your windshield! The sun can do damage to your paint, which we’ll explain below, but usually, that’s protected by wax. Your interior, however, whether carpet, leather, vinyl, etc. can be harmed by the heat. It can easily fade or weaken the material so it won’t last as long. Keeping your sun visor on and letting the windows crack just a smidgen to help with air circulation will help tons! Also, don’t forget to wax your leather seats every so often as I do in this article 🙂

4. Your Paint

Ah, your beautiful car paint that you spend hours cleaning and waxing every weekend 😉 Surprisingly enough, all that cleaning and waxing is to keep that paint looking fresh and for the most part, it helps! However, bugs & bird poop are HORRIBLE in the Summer and can wreak havoc on your paint. If you keep bird poop on your paint for too long and let it bake in the Summer sun, it will actually chip away at your clear coat, then paint. Bird poop is very acidic and the longer it sits, the worse damage it’ll do. Which is why you should clean your car after every bird poop in the Summer! Or at least water down the poop quickly. The same thing goes with bugs. The longer you let dead bugs sit on your windshield or paint, the harder it is to get off and the more likely it’ll leave marks.

So, there you have it! Here are 4 common car problems you might run into this Summer. Knowing your vehicle is key to keeping it lasting a long time! Stay cool out there 🙂 #motorwithconfidence




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