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3 Car Things To Check In 3 Minutes

Back to school is right around the corner which means dropping the kids off and picking them up. Which also means, you’ll have some sitting time in your car. Don’t waste those couple minutes though! Check your car!! I will give you 3 things to check in the 3 minutes you wait for your kids. Checking and maintaining these 3 things will help enhance the life of your car, which means fewer trips to the mechanic. So what are you waiting for? Let’s use those 3 minutes right now 🙂

3 Car Things To Check In Just 3 Minutes!

1. Gas Cap

The first thing you can check to help enhance the life of your car is actually your gas cap. Sounds silly, but this gas cap, if left off, could cause your check engine light to turn on. Nothing serious, just annoying. According to AutoBlog “When this [gas cap is left off] happens, a self-test of the performance system detects this “leak” in the EVAP”

So if the EVAP, which stands for Evaporative Emissions System, detects this leak from the gas cap coming off, the check engine light will come on. You can fix that, though! Just replace the cap. The light should reset itself. If not, you could have more problems, so refer to this article (Check Engine Light On! What Does It Mean?) for more information.

2. Washer Fluid & Pipe

There is nothing worse than having low to no washer fluid. Especially in the summer heat with all those nasty bugs! Checking the washer fluid during these 3 minutes is quick and easy. Simply find the washer fluid cap under your hood (see picture below), look inside the cap (or you can place a finger inside to feel for liquid), and if you don’t see any liquid, there ya go! You can go buy new washer fluid to clean those bugs off!

3 Things To Check In 3 Minutes

Now, to check the washer fluid pipe, try to clean your windshield from inside, like you normally would clean your windshield, and note the amount of spray coming out of the nozzles. If one, or both, of the fluid nozzles are clogged you will get little to no washer fluid coming out. See picture below for an example.

3 Things To Check In 3 Minutes

You can unclog the nozzle, though! You can stick a needle or tack into the nozzle hole (super tiny by the way) and wiggle it around to create some room. If you spray again with no luck, then try adding hot water to the washer fluid pipe, just like you were adding more washer fluid. The hot water might melt the wax build up you get from using cheap washer fluid.

If you still can’t seem to unclog the pipe, it might be time to take it in. You could have a broken pipe or it is clogged so badly, it needs to be replaced. That is why it is important to use CLEAR washer fluid with NO DYES, like this one by Invisible Glass ( you can purchase this additive right here through Amazon. Just click this link!) All those dyes and other “ingredients” clog your pipes over time. I’ve had to replace mine and it isn’t fun, nor cheap 🙁

3. Wiper Blades

This might sound silly too, but check your wiper blades! People always forget about these until they are in a storm and can’t see. Your wiper blades are so important, obviously. They keep you safe in a storm! To check the wiper blades, simply turn them on with some washer fluid and see if they leave streaks or stick to the windshield. If so, it’s time to replace them! Check out these great Wiper Blades from Amazon. Just click the highlighted link!

There ya have it! Don’t waste those 3 minutes waiting for someone; check your car! Keeping your car well maintained will help enhance the life of your vehicle and save you money. Promise!

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