1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr August’s Car Of The Month

I love classic cars. Just looking at them takes me back to when cars were more of a fashion piece than necessity. Something to drive on the weekends and admire. Or a collector’s piece to show off with. When I saw this 1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr, I was immediately thinking of movies like The Great Gatsby. Pretty dresses, big parties, and great cars!

So, of course, I jumped on the opportunity for a photo shoot! And boy did she shine! I hope you enjoy 🙂

1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

Year, Make, Color: 1940, Lincoln, Continental Zephyr, Light Tan Exterior.

Engine:  The unique aspect about this Lincoln was it’s Flat Head V12 Engine instead of a V8.

Engine Performance: The transmission was a 3-speed manual column shifter. Horsepower back then was definitely not the same as it is today, so at 110 hp, this car maxed out at 90 mph! Like I said a nice weekend cruiser.

Fun Facts: The streamlined aerodynamic design really stood out with this Lincoln Continental, which actually influenced the name “zephyr” which means God of The West Wind.

Unfortunately, in 1942 the production of this vehicle stopped because of World War 2. The name Zephyr was taken out of the equation, and all the cars that were created after the war were just called Lincoln.

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Now on to the pictures 🙂

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1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr

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  1. Wow, this car was unbelievable 90 MPH in 1941 was absolutely unnecessary but fantastic. My grandpa had a 1941 Zephyr as well, we rode in it all around, it clearly was remodel and redone as this one was but it still had the back tire connected to it’s back and the tires were covered by the body the same way. The interior wasn’t as nice as what you have here, since it was used and had never been remodeled, but it rode great and we could drive it on the freeway which was fun. I really loved riding in it. I makes want to go out and drive one. Actually many people don’t know the Zephyr was made by Edsel, not Henry, https://www.windowtintjackson.com/blog. He hired people to get Lincoln Continental going and it was the first car he came up with. Pretty cool!

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