15 Chic Accessories For A Cozy Trip

15 Chic Accessories For A Cozy Trip

Summer is ending and fall is swiftly upon us. But that doesn’t mean we have to slow down our travel plans! Traveling can be such a nightmare.. if you don’t have the right stuff with you! Which is why I have created a great travel list full of chic accessories for a cozy trip. You can shop all of these products by clicking the links in this article 🙂

Bon Voyage!

15 Chic Accessories For A Cozy Trip

1: MVMT Watch

Watches are becoming something of the past because of our phones, however, you do technically need to shut your phone off (or put it in airplane mode) during the flight so having a nice chic watch on hand will help pass the hours! (literally!)

Link: MVMT Womens Watch

2: Pillow

A must need for any flight. Having a supportive neck pillow during a flight is important for a good nights sleep. This one from Amazon is perfect!

Link: Supportive Travel Pillow

3: Chic Luggage

Chic luggage makes any gal feel better- am I right?

Link: Luggage

4: Luggage Tag

For those of you going abroad, spice up your boring passport with this adorable holder! Link: Luggage Tag

5: Water Bottle

It is important to stay hydrated during a flight. So grab one of these S’Well water bottles and fill up during your smooth cruise. Link: S’Well Water Bottle

6: Lip Balm

There is nothing worse than not having lip balm during a flight. Make sure to stick one in your bag; your lips will thank you!

7: Scarf

Since planes like to freeze you out, having a fashionable scarf to keep you warm ( or use as an extra pillow) will come in handy!

Link: Travel Scarf

8: Socks

And speaking of staying warm, don’t these socks looks so comfy?!

Link: Travel Socks

9: Blanket

I think we are the path to something great… complete your warm package with this snugly blanket.

Link: Travel Blanket

10: Chic & Comfy Shoes

Make sure to have comfortable (yet chic) shoes for your travel!

Link: Black & White Shoes

11: Hand Lotion

If you get dry hands like me, having hand lotion around is a miracle during those dehydrating plane rides!

12: Sunglasses

For during and after the flight, make sure to have a fun pair of sunglasses waiting for you.

Link: Travel Sunglasses

13: Backpack

A must have to keep everything nicely organized in!

Link: Backpack

14: Headphones

Don’t just settle for cheap, uncomfortable headphones. Spice it up with these sound blocking & comfortable headphones from BOSE!

Link: Headphones

15: Eye Mask

Ah.. a great eye mask to end the list with. Make sure to get some zzz’s during your long flight to Europe 😉

Link: Eye Mask

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