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11 Best Gifts For Every Car Lover On Your Christmas List

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your car lover? No need to fret! These 11 best gifts below would be perfect for all those gearheads in your life. Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and cousins; there is something here for everyone!

No need to get off the couch either because you can shop from the links below. Remember, Amazon has FREE one-day shipping to all Prime members. But you need to hurry, Christmas is right around the corner 🙂

11 Best Gifts For Every Car Lover

On Your Christmas List

1.  Stoner Car Care Detailing Kit

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Of course, all car lovers need a Stoner Car Care detailing kit. Trust me, it will make them (and their car) very happy!

2. Little Joe Air Freshener

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If you are tired of the car smelling of sweaty gym clothes, cigars, feet, and fast food, then get these Little Joe air fresheners. Great stocking-stuffers and the nice scent lasts forever!

3. Garmin Navigation System

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Everyone needs a navigation system and luckily, your smartphone is one of the best. However, it can be distracting having to look down all the time. Welcome to Navdy; a navigation system that connects to your phone but mounts right in front of your face, behind the steering wheel. No need to look down anymore and it will alert you to incoming messages!

4. Portable Car Jump Starter

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Everyone needs this portable car jump starter in their car. It is small but works wonders. It can fit anywhere in your vehicle without taking up much space. Win-win situation.

5. Driving Gloves

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You know I love a good pair of driving gloves. One of the best gifts on this list I think! You can wear these year-round and they will definitely help keep your hands warm in the winter. Plus, they look really cool.

6.  Autodromo Watch

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If you truly want to spoil your Dad, brother, boyfriend or husband this year, then you need to get him an Autodromo watch. These watches have a background in racing yet their sleek design will wow any crowd!

7.  WeatherTech Floor Mats

car lover

If they haven’t hinted on this one yet, I am sure they will. Every car lover wants WeatherTech floor mats.

8.  Garage Door Opener

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I’ve had my eye on this automatic garage door opener that connects to your smartphone. You can open your door as you turn the corner even!

9. Garage Decor

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Make your gift a little more personal with cool garage decor. Spruce up that man cave or your car inspired bathroom with these unique, handcrafted gifts from Etsy.

10. Car 5 Speed Gear Stick Shift Cufflinks

car lover

Definitely more for those guys in your life, but how cool are these gear shift cufflinks?!

11. Magnetic Wristband

car lover

Lastly, every gearhead needs this magnetic wristband to hold their tools while working on their car. I think it could also be handy around the house!

Christmas is here and time is running out. You can shop these items by clicking the titles. What are you getting your car lover this year?!

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