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10 Car Parts You Should Absolutely Know!

The whole point of this blog is to teach you more about your vehicle. Knowing your car is so important. I repeat that often, but not knowing your vehicle can be costly and dangerous. What do you do if your car brakes down in the middle of no where? What do you tell your mechanic when you hear a funny noise? How do you respond when someone talks about transmissions and spark plugs?

I am not saying everyone needs to be an expert car technician, but you should know the basics of your vehicle; Especially these 10 car parts I have listed below! Read up on your car knowledge. Your mechanic and friends will be impressed 🙂

10 Car Parts You Should Absolutely Know!

1. Car EngineCar Parts

Your car engine is obviously what makes your car go.. it is the heart of your vehicle! Every engine is different though, whether you have 4 cylinders, V8, V12, turbo, etc. You can learn more about how a car engine works by reading this article; Car Basics 101: How Your Engine Works!!


2. Fluid Reservoirs

You have different fluid reservoirs under your hood that keep your car happy, balanced, cool, and so much more. The most important reservoirs to know are Motor Oil, Coolant, Washer Fluid, and Brake Fluid. You can read up on each car part by clicking the links on the proper title.

Motor OilCar Parts Motor Oil








Engine CoolantCar Parts Coolant







Washer FluidCar Parts Washer Fluid







Brake FluidCar Parts Brake Fluid






3. Car Battery

Your car battery is very important! In some cars, the battery is located under the hood, while others it is located in the trunk. Look for a (+) and (-) sign to locate your battery. And in the mean time, learn how to jump a dead battery by clicking this link.

4. Air FilterCar Parts Air Filter

Your air filter is important for air quality and A/C in your vehicle. You want to make sure your air filter is clean with little to no dirt or debris. You can ask your mechanic to show you where your air filter is, or you can read this article I wrote that will help explain it’s location and importance.



5. Spare TireCar Parts Spare Tire

Your spare tire will be located in your trunk or under your car. Refer to your owners manual if you cannot find it. Also, make sure you know how to change a tire!


6. Car JackCar Parts Jack

Along with your spare tire, your car should have a small car jack located in the same area as your spare. The jack is used to “jack” your car up to be able to change your blown tire. If you do not have a car jack in your vehicle, make sure you purchase a small one and keep it stored in the trunk!


7. Fuse Box

Your fuse box houses all of your electrical fuses. Your headlights, taillights, turn signals, and interior lights. Plus radio, Bluetooth, etc. If your headlights aren’t working odds are you have a blown fuse which can be located and fixed very quickly.

8. Muffler

Your muffler can be found behind your vehicle. They direct exhaust fumes out of the way and also keep your car pretty quiet. If you are driving behind a car that sounds like a rocket engine, odds are they have a bad muffler or “louder” muffler to act bad ass. Mufflers do not make you go faster nor are cool when they sound extremely loud… For example, see picture below 🙂

Car Parts Muffler

9. Spark Plugs

While spark plugs are super tiny and hard to find, they are important to your car. They help ignite fuel in your engine to start your vehicle.

10. Oil DipstickCar Parts Dipstick

Your oil dipstick should be located near your motor oil reservoir. They are usually bright colors, like orange or yellow. Make sure you can locate it and know how to measure how much oil your car has by reviewing this article; 4 Car Repair Jobs You Can Fix By Yourself.




Getting to know your vehicle should be fun! All of the car parts above can be located in a jiffy. Just know the idea behind each to help boost your car confidence. Plus, the next time you visit your mechanic he (or she) will be impressed you know what a spark plug is!

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  2. You made a good point that knowing what auto parts are in your car can be very helpful for your mechanic. I’ve been trying to learn more about my car to help with troubleshooting issues if they arise. I will have to try to remember these important things in case something easy needs to be checked.

  3. Thank you for pointing out that the first car part you should be familiar with is the car engine. My daughter is getting her drivers permit soon. It’ll be good to educate her on the different car parts that make a car.

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